Discover is our mid-week Bible study for kids pre-K – 6th grade. We use a mix of formats to keep things fresh and fun. We also will utilize different media formats to help teach the Bible, from hands on learning to visually engaging kids. We use the mid-week time for a more relaxed atmosphere for the kids to enjoy. Mixed age groups also make for exciting learning as kids learn to help and work with others. Join us throughout the year on Wednesday nights as we learn to grow in faith, serve others, and impact our community  


  • Developers 1st – 2nd Grades
  • Detectives 3rd – 4th Grades
  • Defenders 5th – 6th Grades

Discover Weekly

  • Worship – a time of children’s worship and praise with new and exciting music
  • Discover Time – we gather all the Explorers together for a Bible lesson. Lessons are focused on teaching kids all about God, His love and plan for each of us
  • Game Time – kids need to play and we love to play with them
  • Explorer Time – Explorers break up into their age groups to work with their teachers on their Truth Points and Memory Verses, all while each lesson is reinforced
  • Award Time – for all their hard work, Explorers receieve award patches to fill their sashes