Wednesday and Sunday services has been cancelled until further notice. Please look for live sermon on Sunday's 11:00 AM on website

Bible Study / Breakfasts

1st Saturday of Every Month - 8:30am - 10:30am - Men's Bible/Breakfast (Church)
3rd Saturday of Every Month - 9:00am - 11:00am - Ladies' Bible/Breakfast (Church)

Tuesday Fellowships


Tuesday Fellowship for Singles/College/Couples (Age 39 and Under)
Jan 21 7pm - 9pm 3rd Tuesday of Month:
Feb 18 7pm - 9pm Goodalls'
Mar 17 7pm - 9pm  
Apr 21 7pm - 9pm  
May 19 7pm - 9pm  
Jun 16 7pm - 9pm  
Jul 21 7pm - 9pm  
Aug 18 7pm - 9pm
Sep 15 7pm - 9pm
Oct 20 7pm - 9pm
Nov 17 7pm - 9pm
Dec 15 7pm - 9pm

Monthly Events


Friday - Saturday, 17th - 18th 10pm - 7am Teen Lock In Church
Sunday, 19th After Church Baptism Church

Sunday, 10th After service Annual Budget Meeting Church
Saturday, 22nd 7pm Teen Movie Night Goodalls'
Saturday, 29th 10am - 11am Krispy Kreme Outreach Church

Sunday, 15th All Day 21th ANNIVERSARY SERVICE Church

Sunday, 12st 11am Easter Sunday Church
Saturday, 18th 7pm Teen Event Game Night Isacson's Home
Saturday, 25th 10:30am - 11:30am Soul Win Outreach New Haven New Haven Green

Sunday, 24th 1pm - dark Churchwide Picnic Goodalls'
Monday, 25th 9am Memorial Day Outreach Parade Church

Sunday 14th After Service Car Wash Church
Sunday, 28rd 10am Promotion Sunday Church
Friday - Sunday, 26th - 28th TBA Teen Event Camping Trip

Friday, 3rd 7pm - Dusk Church Wide Fireworks Outreach Meet at Jimmy's
Saturday, 25th 6:30pm Teen Event Bonfire Goodalls'

Sunday, 16th After service Car Wash Church
Saturday, 29th 10am-3pm Teen Event Park Day TBA

Sunday, 6th After service Churchwide Picnic Goodalls'
Sunday, 6th After service First Responder Baskets Delivery Goodalls'
Saturday, 19th 10am Teen Event 6 Flags TBA

Saturday, 10th 10:30am - 11:30am Soul Win Outreach New Haven Green
Saturday, 17th TBA teen Event Corn Maze Meet at Church

Sunday, 8th after service Veterans Day Service & Lunch Church
Saturday, 21st 6pm Teen Event Thanksgiving Dinner Goodalls
Thursday, 26th 11am Church Thanksgiving Dinner Church

Sunday, 13th after service Singing/Outreach Goody Bags West Haven Green

Join Us for Our New Series on Ephesians ,
"Our Position in Christ will help us to live like Christ"

Service Times Haven of Rest of Baptist Church
Sunday - 11:00 AM
Wednesday - 7:30 PM
320 Campbell Avenue,
West Haven, 06516
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